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Alexander The Not So Great
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Alexander The Not So Great

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Follow your dreams! Follow your heart! Think about what you’d do if time and money were no issue! Think about what you wanted to do as a kid! Do whatever makes you happiest! Everybody says it and everybody knows it’s right. Yet, it isn’t easy. Well, it’s not easy if you’re always in doubt and you always wonder which option would be the best choice to make and what would be best for you, even if you do realise that you cannot know it in advance and you would be better of not thinking about it. Yet, you do.

“What do I want to be 10 years from now?” I have no idea. In the past 12 years I must’ve changed my mind at least five times. First I wanted to become an archaeologist. Then a sports manager. Then an event manager. Then the manager of sports events. Then a world traveller and writer, blogger, photographer. I don’t know anymore.

What I wanted as a kid? To become a professional football player for Club Brugge and score a goal like Van Basten‘s in the final minute of the Champions League final to win my team that trophy in a 1-0 victory. Riding a bicycle I imagined myself Miguel Induraín; in a go-kart Ayrton Senna; in a swimming pool Fred Deburghgraeve and with my compound bow in hand the new Robin Hood. I know I will never make it as a professional sportsman, but if time and money were no issue, I’d probably buy myself new archery gear and give it all for five years with that other childhood dream as my goal: making it to the Olympic Games. Sports are my thing, the Olympics my dream.

So then maybe that idea of becoming a sportseventmanager is the best one. I’m already dreaming of a scenario where one day I would be the Belgian Sebastian Coe and organise the Olympic Summer Games in my country. It’ll never be more than a dream, probably, but he who reaches his goals didn’t aim high enough so I keep on dreaming.

Doing what makes me happiest? That also changes. I used to be happiest on a football field, now I am when I can travel and meet people, socialise. My nearly ten months in Australia were an eye-opener in this. The freedom to be able to go wherever you want with people from all over the world. One Thursday at noon in Sydney deciding that you’ll go to a Foo Fighters concert that evening and move to Canberra the next day. Just because you can. Isn’t that great? I want to see the entire world. From Alaska to New Zealand over Madagascar, Bora Bora and the Antarctic, with views of Machu Picchu, Mount Everest, the Northern light and much more along the way. One day be rich enough to treat myself on a space flight or just to be able to be a full-time traveller.

While doing all this, I would hope to be at as many major events as possible. Meeting idols and celebrities, being able to say “I was there”. At both the final of the Football World Cup and the Academy Awards. The White House Correspondents’ Dinner as well as the Olympics. The Cannes film festival as well as the Rio de Janeiro carnival. Shaking the hands of presidents and Maradona’s, Al Pacino’s and Brian May’s, Dalai Lama’s and Richard Bransons. Travelling from one major event to another, I definitely wouldn’t mind. To be a freelance employee at that event or to report from it, anything. At all of those events I want to constantly be inspired by people and – if possible – inspire people.

All of that while over the last couple of years I’ve also had some ideas going through my head of possible projects in Belgium and/or abroad. From what I’d do if I’d ever have an archipelago at my disposal to a smartphone app that I’d really like to create and that I believe would definitely work, if only I possessed the knowledge to develop it. Most of these ideas having the goal of bringing people together and into the outside world, while they would learn and expand their knowledge. Because I personally believe that people need to get out of their comfort zone as much as possible.

On the other hand though, I one day have to get settled.. One day I want to be a good dad for my future kids and a good husband to my future wife. At that point I will need a steady job I guess. So then maybe at that point in time my dream job will be the one of stadium and event manager of Club Brugge’s future new football stadium or – again – the organiser of Olympic Games in Belgium or in that other country I love so much: Australia.

All of the formentioned experiences I would also like to share. Via blogs on this website or (e-)books that I write and sell. To hopefully inspire people to do what makes them feel good/happy. For example, my daily commute to and from work makes me realise that I need a change. I look around me on the train and see unhappy loners. I don’t want to become that. They (hopefully) aren’t loners, but they tend to seem like it, swiping on their smartphones, reading their books and newspapers, earphones where they are made to be, hardly ever wearing a wedding or engagement ring. Too many people seem to be begging to be rescued from their daily routine. They stare outside with a look that reveals that they don’t belong on the train but somewhere on the outside, in a different and better world. I’ve noticed myself doing it. I don’t want to commute, I want to travel and discover. I want to turn a hobby into my job. I don’t want to sit still but be active. I don’t want daily routine but something new over and over again. I’m sure I’m not the only one and I hope to be able to inspire the other ones who feel the same. Hopefully, one day, I will be that influential. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to encourage people to be happier, to smile, to do everything they always dreamed of.

I feel like now is the moment I have to make these choices. But which choice to make? Where do I want to go to? What do I want to achieve? Who am I? What makes me happiest? What do I have to do NOW to be able to do what makes me happy LATER on? How can I fully become and be myself?

Time will tell, I guess, but sometimes it would be easy if there was a way to find out how to combine all my dreams and ambitions or to find out which choice in particular to make and then completely be able to go for it. Even if just for my peace of mind. Making choices on one side, but constantly doubting and overthinking on the other. I am standing in front of my Gordian knot, but I have no idea how to untangle it.


“I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow.” – Larry Daley (Ben Stiller)

“How exciting!” – Theodore Roosevelt (Robin Williams)

– ‘Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb


  • Matt Phillips says:

    Hi Cedric, I found this article via a comment you left on twitter for Richard Branson. I thought I’d check it out as you sounded a lot like myself. I was right. So firstly, that should make you feel better, you are certainly not alone in being lost in your own mind. It’s a nightmare and I’m glad you’ve taken the time to write a blog about it. My dreams ‘were’ a lot like yours, so if you read them, what would you think? You’d probably think, he’s a dreamer, he’s to unrealistic! You’d probably think, mate you can’t do everything in life but you can do anything! Just pick which dream you want the most. Like you, I know this is not easy as we both want so much. But it’s important to remember a few things. Remember that we are children of the media, TV, magazines, friends conversations etc are bombarding us with dreams and ambitions, we are shooting for stars that we may only think we want because this stuff is impressive to others. We have to program our own minds because if we don’t, the system will happily do it for us. You want to score the winning goal, be an olympian, there is a certain amount of ego you want filling there. Great dreams, don’t get me wrong, but do you just want reassurance that you are a valid human being? To feel like a somebody. I don’t blame you if you do, it’s a natural human trait, but it’s not a productive one for a happy life. Understand that everyone wants this, those people on the train wanted this but they didn’t give up, they simply changed desires. Some of them are unhappy, some of them aren’t as imaginative as you and I but not all of them are unhappy. Some of them wouldn’t change a thing. You and me were born without passions for ‘normal’ things. Doing what they do, would destroy us, but it’s OK that they do it, as long as they are happy. You have done a bit of traveling, I have myself. Traveling is great but it’s also a drug. It’s highly addictive. The more you do, the more you want to do, the more people you meet who have done more than you and it spurs you on. However, I listened to a guy who traveled non stop for 10 years and he spoke about how he had wasted his life. I don’t look at this as a waste of life, but he did, because he found his calling in life and wished he had been doing it all along. Once you’ve found your true calling, everything else will fall by the side and not be important anymore. It’s important to remember that one day, the crazy ‘I wants’ in your head will stop. I don’t know you personally and even if I did, I couldn’t help you make this decision. We all say and think so many things that aren’t true about ourselves that we don’t know our own truths half the time. All I can say is this. Remember, life is short, the older you get, the more you will realise this. What we do down here isn’t important. Sorry but it’s not. Try your best to be good, but when it’s over you’ll be forgotten about one day. Try and learn to meditate, it’s hard but a clear head feels so much better to live in and helps you understand what you really want. It helps you think your way out of trouble. It gives you answers, if you let it, but it does take practice and patience. I believe with meditation (I’m useless by the way) that the answers come to me, and I live in the moment a lot more and I have achieved a lot from this. All my crazy dreams have gone by the way-side because I’m part of a different picture now, not the one I dreamed of as a small boy, because so much of that wasn’t realistic. I didn’t factor in bills, heartbreak and depression when I was 8, haha. I don’t suffer from any of things now. I may of achieved more than I dreamed of as a child and a few of those things on the list were ticked off. But one thing I will guide you towards is Love. Love really does change everything. Start by loving yourself, the rest will follow. Be easy on yourself, go for 1 goal and if it doesn’t work out, another door will open. Do anything except for nothing. Keep moving, there is no wrong direction apart from standing still. You can tell when you have stood still for to long as your mind will start going mad with ideas again. Your life will do what it wants to do, just go with the flow. Eat well, early to bed, early to rise, honestly work. Money solves so many problems so don’t forget to work hard. Do any job, you’re not to good for any job but if you can provide a service to people you will ‘EARN’ a lot of money. People pay for things they need. Remember that. That’s how you ‘EARN’ big money. EARN in capitals because we have to ‘EARN’ money in life, not make it. Only banks make money. Hope it goes well for you mate.

  • Cedric! Wat een post! Wat een persoonlijke post! Ik ben onder de indruk, van zowel het Engels, de post, de manier waarop je dingen beschrijft als hoe sterk ik mij in jouw verhaal herken.

    Ik ‘preach’ altijd dat je je hart moet volgen en dat uiteindelijk alles wel goed komt. Mijn vriendinnen nemen mijn raad aan, maar zelf kom ik niet verder dan mijn vertrouwelijke comfort zone. Ik gebruik alles als excuus om maar niet de grote stap te nemen. Gewoon alles achter te laten en het per dag uit te zoeken. Geen geld om te eten? Hopelijk ergens een paar dagen werken om iets van eten te kopen. Ja, zo ver wil ik het ooit wel eens laten komen. Wat is ooit dan weer? Ik hoop, echt waar, heel snel! Ik ben mij mentaal aan het voorbereiden op juli dit jaar.

    Hopelijk verlaat ik dit keer mijn comfort zone en ga ik gewoon doen waar ik gelukkig van word! Ik hoop voor jou hetzelfde. Zijn er al vorderingen tot nu toe?


    (Hopelijk is Nederlands je taal ipv Frans 🙂 In België weet je maar nooit!)

    • Cédric says:

      Hey Stephanie! Sorry voor mijn late reactie, maar dank voor de jouwe! Ik ben wel degelijk Nederlandstalig (deze site is trouwens zowel in het Engels als in het Nederlands) dus zeker geen probleem dat je in het Nederlands reageerde 🙂

      Ik herken me echt wel in wat je zegt dus. Die grote stap zetten is verre van makkelijk, zelfs al weet je vanbinnen waarschijnlijk wel goed genoeg dat je dat wil doen en voel je ergens dat je het ook gewoon moet doen. Ik kan het je in elk geval enkel aanraden om ‘het’ te doen. Toen ik in de zomer van 2014 de knoop doorhakte om enkele maanden naar Australië te gaan, dan was dat verre van makkelijk, maar het is de beste beslissing die ik ooit heb genomen. Op drie weken Brazilië en 2 weken Egypte na, was ik nog nooit buiten Europa geweest en was ik nog nooit langer dan 3 weken weggeweest zonder ‘thuis’ te komen. En hey, ik heb het overleefd!

      Ik kan het je enkel aanraden. Zeker ook je hoofd er niet te veel over breken. Je vindt altijd wel een weg om tot een oplossing te komen. Zoals je zelf al als voorbeeld gaf, kan je altijd érgens wel iets doen van werk om te kunnen eten. Of je spaart gewoon wat op voorhand. Als je in juli plant te vertrekken (naar waar trouwens??) en je bent al bezig om wat opzij te zetten hiervoor, dan kom je al een heel eind. Maar nogmaals: denk er niet te veel over na. Plan ook zeker niet te veel op voorhand. Voor Australië had ik bijvoorbeeld al een scenario in gedachten voor mijn eerste 2 maanden ginder, een plan dat ik na amper 1 week al helemaal overboord gooide. Door de mensen die ik tegenkwam, de informatie die ik kreeg, getuigenissen van “must see” plaatsen die ik nog niet kende, et cetera.

      Vorderingen bij mij.. Nog niet, maar deze maand wordt een belangrijke maand om knopen door te hakken. Of toch als ik terug wil naar Australië, want om visumredenen moet ik terug voor mijn 31e verjaardag wat op 2 juli is en wat betekent dat ik dan hier in België mijn job zou moeten opgeven… Een moeilijke keuze, maar de lokroep van ‘Down Under’ is echt groot sinds ik daar in 2014-15 was. Knoop die ik vooral moet doorhakken is of ik mijn hart wil volgen en naar ginder terugkeren (al dan niet definitief), dan wel of ik hier blijf en naar andere bestemmingen ga reizen. Al kan dat laatste voor pakweg Aziatische landen ook wel weer makkelijker vanuit Australië. Het is gewoon dat wat je zelf ook al zei: het is en blijft een grote stap en die stap effectief zetten, daar blijf je altijd wat over twijfelen, ook al weet je dat je dat wil doen..

      In elk geval: het is buiten de comfort zone dat je écht leeft, of om het met mijn favoriete quote te zeggen: “A ship in harbour is safe, but that’s not what it was built for.”

      Laat gerust weten wat je beslist en waar je naartoe gaat, ik lees er met plezier alles over op je site!



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