A journer is someone who writes a journal about his journeys

Off to Sevilla (Spain) for the weekend. Any recommendations? #sevilla #españa Roman mosaics hardly get better than these.. Extraordinarily well preserved, you can find them at the Villa Romana… https://t.co/onkNt1GW2u Finally online: my travel report of a two week holiday in #Bali and the #Gili islands two years ago! #travelbloghttps://t.co/MV9M6QHjlX Eindelijk online: het verslag van twee weken vakantie en #Bali en de #Gili eilanden, 2 jaar geleden.. #reisbloghttps://t.co/xKwx3BPfCv It's called @RottnestIsland and it is HIGHLY recommended! 😍😍😘 #quokkalove #rottnest #rottnestisland https://t.co/WPSwzPpxNC
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If you’ve ever done a round trip of say half a year or longer, you’ll get it. That moment when you’re on holiday and …


I admit, I was in Rio de Janeiro during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, so the atmosphere in the city might have been different …


I went on holiday to this archipelago for two weeks and can thoroughly recommend it. Malta has something for everyone to enjoy, as you …