A journer is someone who writes a journal about his journeys

Off to Sevilla (Spain) for the weekend. Any recommendations? #sevilla #españa Roman mosaics hardly get better than these.. Extraordinarily well preserved, you can find them at the Villa Romana… https://t.co/onkNt1GW2u Finally online: my travel report of a two week holiday in #Bali and the #Gili islands two years ago! #travelbloghttps://t.co/MV9M6QHjlX Eindelijk online: het verslag van twee weken vakantie en #Bali en de #Gili eilanden, 2 jaar geleden.. #reisbloghttps://t.co/xKwx3BPfCv It's called @RottnestIsland and it is HIGHLY recommended! 😍😍😘 #quokkalove #rottnest #rottnestisland https://t.co/WPSwzPpxNC
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Every now and then, I need to write about something personal. Because it is somehow bothering me or I just feel the need to share it. Here, for some reason.


Follow your dreams! Follow your heart! Think about what you’d do if time and money were no issue! Think about what you wanted to …


It hit me recently when hearing Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ on the radio. That song breathes the atmosphere of a James Bond movie. It must be …


This year, Belgian radio station Q-Music organised a competition with a trip to the real Titanic as the prize to win. A flight to …